Hot foil stamping


Add value to your designs with hot foil stamping available in six colours.

The metallic effect provided by the colour gold, silver, copper or bronze, has a connotation associated with luxury, elegance and distinction. This type of colour is applied to communication and packaging elements relating to jewellery, craft items, antiques, gift items, luxury goods, beauty products, drinks of certain value, art galleries, design studios, etc.

In addition, metallic colors such as red, green or blue are perfect for achieving an original and striking effect, very useful for developing a unique brand identity, making a greater impact on business cards, highlighting logos or images to enrich reports or certificates, creating attractive book covers, etc. This finish enhances the attractiveness of any promotional or advertising material.



The direct printing process is carried out in two phases:

  • The CMYK is printed on which we will apply the metallic stamping.
  • The support is plasticized in matt and the printing is applied to the selected area.

The final artwork is delivered in pdf format with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi and at actual size. The pdf must contain at least one page with the graphic design, and another one containing the area selected to apply the digital print, 100% black and naming that layer as “Stamped” to identify it correctly.



Digital printing can be applied to an infinite number of designs such as packaging, business cards, greetings cards, triptychs, commercial catalogues or book covers. It is a finish that elevates the presentation and encourages interaction so it is very effective in turning any product into an experience for the consumer.

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