Contract conditions – Buying guide

1. Identification

Titular: Nexe Impressions SLU
Business addres: Ramon Turró Street, 16, local, bajos. Girona (17005) Spain
CIF: B17883927 – Nexe Impressions
Telephone: (+34) 972 24 60 48
Public Registry:
Commercial Registry of Girona
Volume 2390
Section of Libro de Sociedades
Sheet 181, Page NºGI-40322  1ª Entry

The present General Contracting Conditions of the website will regulate the legal relations that may arise between:

NEXE IMPRESSIONS, SLU with the data that appear above, and, on the other hand, the CLIENT, whose data entered to make the purchase or to make any consultation or suggestion, through the form established for this purpose, are those that have been consigned by himself.

Both parties declare that they have sufficient legal capacity to contract and bind themselves under the terms of this contract.

2. Scope of application

French territory within the EU borders.

Spanish territory including the Balearic and Canary Islands.

3. Information on products and services

Only the products and services offered in the DIGITAL PRINTING AREA WITH ADDED VALUE of our website are those linked to electronic purchases, both via PAYPAL, TPV or BANK TRANSFER. The rest of the services of the web are not part of the online shop modality of purchase and electronic payment.

The products and services of the DIGITAL PRINTING AREA WITH ADDED VALUE are reproduced and printed in digital technology and are those linked to this purchasing guide and contract conditions.

The graphic products related and specified on the website DIGITAL PRINTING AREA WITH ADDED VALUE are subject to the delivery times and shipping methods specified on the website.

4. Order placement and follow-up procedure

The customer will select, preferably, by means of the description form on our website or by means of our e-mail, the product, printing support and type of finish, and very importantly, the rate linked to one of the three delivery methods : 48 hours, 3-4 days, or 5-6 days in the case of the territory of the peninsular Spanish state or 2-3 days, 4-6 days or 7-8 days for the territory of the insular Spanish state or for the whole French territory. Orders received after 11.30 am will be shipped the next day.

In the budget process you must identify yourself with the minimum mandatory data requested.

Once the request has been sent, you will receive an email with our quote and specifications in less than 2 hours (provided that it is a product linked to the DIGITAL PRINTING AREA WITH ADDED VALUE).

If the estimate has been approved by the client, this same signed and accepted document must be sent together with the client’s fiscal data, and the corresponding graphic file to our e-mail

Once we receive this email that will serve as confirmation of the order, in less than an hour you will receive a new email with a tracking number of the order and a technical approval report of your verified graphic file.

When the order has been completed, you will receive a new email with the order’s shipping details to facilitate tracking.

At all times while your order is in progress, you can contact our customer service department, either by email, chat on our website, Whatsapp or by phone to find out how your order is progressing.

5. Changes to the order characteristics

In the event that the requested order requires modification due to a break in stock of the chosen material/paper, NEXE IMPRESSIONS, SLU will inform the customer within two hours of processing the order, offering an alternative that must be validated by the customer, or the possibility of cancelling the order.

6. Regulations for digital files

Graphic files should preferably arrive in PDF-X1. However, we accept open files that need to be closed in PDF for double-checking. This service is free of charge but it adds an additional day to the delivery period established in our rates. This file will also be sent to you by e-mail for your approval.

You have at your disposal in our web site a guide for the creation/verification of high resolution PDF files, if you wish, or you can contact our Technical Service at the same e-mail if you need any technical help concerning the creation of your files.

7. Shipping Information

When the order has been completed, you will receive an email with the order’s shipping details to facilitate tracking.

The deliveries of our products are always subcontracted to specialized courier and parcel companies of recognized prestige.

8. Cancellation and extension of orders

Orders cannot be modified once we have sent the verification email of your graphic files.

9. Responsibilities of Nexe Impressions, SLU

Nexe Impressions, SLU is committed to ensuring that orders will have the highest quality of printing based on ISO 12647 colorimetry standards adjusted to digital printing.

Nexe Impressions, SLU is committed to ensuring the highest quality for all the finishes offered on its website.

Nexe Impressions, SLU is committed to deliver the orders, perfectly packed and without any damage. In case you receive your package or packages in bad condition, it is essential to inform us immediately within a period not exceeding two hours after delivery, by e-mail, sending some standard quality photograph of it and showing that the goods have been damaged. This is important for the claim process after our courier and parcel service.

10. Claims

The policy of return of merchandise of which the products are governed by law, does not apply to the majority of the products of NEXE IMPRESSIONS,SLU, since it is a question of products made to measure and totally personalized, for what the client has 7 working days to demand the right to the return of the amount providing that the motive comes from an incidence or claim for defect of manufacture. Before making such a return, the customer must contact the company within the period indicated via e-mail, telephone, providing all your details, order reference and reason for the claim.

Any return without this prior communication will not be accepted by NEXE IMPRESSIONS,SLU. To be able to accept the return, both the product and its packaging must be in perfect condition, without scratches or deterioration, including all the documentation that accompanies the product and its accessories.

The CUSTOMER must carry out a correct packaging that ensures its transport without damage. Once received, the quality department of NEXE IMPRESSIONS, SLU. will proceed to check the state of the product, and its printing quality. If the possible incident is verified, NEXE IMPRESSIONS, SLU. will offer the customer the option of sending the product again, assuming the shipping costs. If the customer does not wish us to send the product again, the amount will be refunded.