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Machinery pool

Our machines are both flexible and versatile, featuring the latest technology available today so as to meet any requirements at the highest level of quality, service and competitiveness. A wide range of formats, printing bodies and technologies: offset, digital offset, press and rotary printers, an extensive array of printing options that provide productivity and flexibility at the service of our customers.

Conventional offset

Digital offset

Printing in multichrome-rgb

Colour burst

Enhanced colorimetric spectrum

RGB on paper

Shaping and finishes

Open stitching



Cloth spine

Lace ribbon

Cover cut-outs

Glued spine

Swiss binding

Dust jackets

Special lining

Japanese binding



With sleeve


Letterpress / silk-screening


PEFC™ (Caring for our forests globally)

This label was created in 1999 through the initiative of forest owners from six European countries. In cooperation with the paper industry, environmental organizations, scientists, customers and private forest owners, it was agreed to create a certification system under the banner of the PEFC Council. They also establish sustainable forest management. The PEFC label guarantees that the wood used for the protection of the paper comes from forests / jungles sustainably managed, taking into account social responsibility. (

Download the certificate in PDF format

FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®)

This label indicates that the paper is produced from wood from a responsibly managed forest. Mean FSC Forest Stewardship Council, an international nonprofit organization that seeks to promote responsible forest management and improve the globe. Only when forest management and supply chain meet the requirements set by the FSC may producers of wood and paper suppliers to use the FSC logo. This organization carries out inspections for the verification process with the help of independent agencies. (

Download the certificate in PDF format

ISO 14001:2004

Since 2013, we have been holders of ISO 14001:2004 certification, a standard that supports an effective and world-recognised Environmental Management System (EMS). It is designed to achieve a balance between sustained profitability and the reduction of impacts on the environment.

Download the ISO 14001:2004 in PDF format

ISO 9001:2008

We are ISO 9001:2008 since 2007, attesting to the internal organization and our ability to ensure consistent quality for our customers.

Download the ISO 9001:2008 in PDF format

Good environmental practices

We adhere to good environmental practices program by the Centre for the Promotion of Industry and Technology Graphic Communication has established to standardize our manufacturing processes to environmental standards that the EU advised to apply to the printing industry.

Download the certificate in PDF format

Tell us about your project!
Request a face-to-face or video meeting with us.
Tell us about your project!
Request a face-to-face or video meeting with us.