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Centre Wallonie Bruxelles / Paris

Le Court en dit long

The festival Le Court en dit long is a cinematographic event held annually focusing on the exhibition of short films. An initiative of the Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles/Paris that promotes new talents in cinema in Wallonia and Brussels.


The festival presents unique screenings, such as cine-concerts and masterclasses, highlighting the richness and originality of Belgian francophone cinema and its influence in the film industry.


The 31st edition of the festival took place last October in Paris. For the occasion, we were entrusted with printing the physical program, designed by Aurélien Farina (Paper! Tiger! Studio). The booklet includes the festival’s schedule with images, all printed in black ink on Arena Smooth by Fedrigoni Paper. For the cover, Sirio Color Flamingo by Fedrigoni was used, to which a series of micro-dies were applied for its subsequent accordion folding.


The extensive graphic production work is reflected through the use of the accordion format, a finish that places user experience at the core of the entire design.



8 x 15 cm



Cover: Sirio Color Flamingo 290 g by Fedrigoni Paper

Interior 44 pages: Arena Smooth 70 g by Fedrigoni Paper



1+1 black






Micro-die cutting and accordion folding of the cover

Encuny, Saddle stitching