Apartamento Publishing

Larry Stanton: Think of Me When It Thunders

Larry Stanton: Think of Me When It Thunders is a book, edited by Fabio Cherstich and Arthur Lambert, that pays tribute to portrait artist Larry Stanton.


The Manhattan artist, who died before he could leave his mark, portrayed faces by focusing on the attitudes and feelings hidden in facial expressions, and this publication compiles Stanton’s art and life to date.


The book, published by Apartamento Publishing, includes 139 works of art, many of them portraits of people he met during his nights out, as well as friends and family and an extensive collection of self-portraits.


The publication, bound in hardcover lined with Fedrigoni Papers’ Imitlin Fiandra Neve paper, is in part an art book, while also bringing a personal story to the reader. The cover of the book features a dry debossing, both on the front and spine, accompanied by a paper band printed in black ink.


19 x 27,5 cm.


Cover lining
Imitlin Fiandra Neve of 125 g. (Fedrigoni Papers) printed in 4 + 0

Arena White Smooth of 140 g. (Fedrigoni Papers) printed in 4 + 4
Materica Terra Giallia of 120 g. (Fedrigoni Papers) printed in 1 + 1 (black)

Sirio White White of 130 g. (Fedrigoni Papers) printed in 4 + 4

Paper band
Coral Book Ivory 1.2 of 90 g. (Lecta) printed in 1 + 0 (black)


Hardcover lined in 3 mm cardboard


Dry debossing on the front and spine
Paper band

Baix relleu sec, Debossing, Dry relief, Faixa, Hardcover binding, Paper band