Galerie Laurent Strouk

Labyrinthe de têtes – Robert Combas

Confinement isolated us all from social contact, and French artist Robert Combas was faced with the need to create new accomplices and alter egos to fill this hole.


With “Labyrinthe de têtes” the painter shows, through the portrait, the functioning of the human mind in the present moments. The work seeks to express anguish, questioning, displacement, presence in the absence, the subject in the face of the impossible, the dream, the strength of desire and love, and so on.


The exhibition, from which we have been able to print the invitations, can be visited from September 10 to October 23 at the Laurent Strouk Gallery in Paris.


The invitation has been printed using the technique of multicolor (simulation of RGB profiles) to achieve the vivid colors of the work of Combas. In addition, it also has a soft touch finish and uv screen printing on a coated paper glued to a bisgris cardboard with black painted edges.



19,5 x 15 cm


Multicolor – RGB simulation


Glossy coated of 200 g. printed with 7 inks on the face and with black PANTONE on the back


Bigris cardboard of 2 mm glued by the two coated papers


Soft touch on one side
One-sided UVI screen printing
Black printed edges


Print Speed of 135 g. printed in 1 + 0