Puig – Jean Paul Gaultier

Essences de Perfum

Jean Paul Gaultier wish to show the evolution of the essences of their most iconic perfumes: Classique and Le Mâle. The story of a universe in which the magic of a laboratory combines creativity, teamwork and chemistry. The result is a very elegant case which contains the book of essences, a graphic production combining different types of paper with illustrations and highly glossy photographs, contrasting with other more austere and absorbent ones, transparent laminates with serigraph, coloured PVC to mutate the colour, an index to explain it all in chapters, a copper stamping and covered with papers and fabrics that show the desire to represent and reproduce the laboratory, the workshop of the creator.

The finished result is an elegant lined case with a framed compartment for the book and magnetic fasteners. A multifaceted book in its finishing, created and designed by the Omar Sosa Studio in Barcelona – New York.

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