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  • Livre avec dorure à chaud sur la couverutre
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Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle

Aux frontières de l’humain

Technological advances have made it possible to repair our biological bodies and increase our physical and intellectual potential. The question is: how far can we go as human beings, individually and collectively? The book “Aux frontières de l’humain” accompanies the new exhibition of the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle where the limits of humans are explored, questioning our future as human beings, taking into account the limits of the planet.


The book, printed with Pantone and hot foil on both the cover and the back cover on the paper Les Naturals Anthracite, invites you to reflect on these great issues in six different sections where each theme is immersed in a special atmosphere. The inner, on the other hand, has used Arena Natural Bulk paper printed in full colour on both sides.

Paper ! Tiger !


Les Caméléons


Inner format
20,5 x 32 cm



Les Naturals Anthracite (Cartonnerie Jean) printed with Pantone 877 and hot foil


Arena Natural Bulk of 120 g. (Fedrigoni Papers) printed in 4 + 4


Paperback binding


Hot foil on the cover (70% of the surface) and back cover (30% of the surface) with Light Line SB Liquid Select de Kurz

Hot foil, PANTONE printing