Apartamento Publishing

Apartamento Magazine Issue #30

The 15th anniversary of Apartamento Magazine coincides with the publication of the 30th issue of its biannual magazine about interiors and everyday life.


Under the motto “Apartamento, an everyday life interiors magazine”, the magazine seeks to define interior design as a form of personal expression. The publications focus on showing the day-to-day life of creative people in their homes, as well as analysing and interpreting interior design as a means of expressing an individual’s personality and lifestyle.


To enhance the edgy and exclusive character of the magazine, special finishing techniques have been used in the printing. An insert has been included on the inside and 5 inks have been used in the printing, adding a fluorescent Pantone. On the outside, the spine has been finished with a gold stamping.


We have worked hand in hand with Agpograf Impressors to achieve the quality standards demanded by Apartamento Publishing projects, a house that always presents us with attractive printing challenges.



17 x 24 cm



Covers: 4/4 inks with silk acrylic varnish on both sides

Inside 360 pages: 4/4 inks

Inside 24 pages: 5/5 inks (Quadrichromy + fluorescent Pantone)

Insert 8 pages: 4/4 inks



Covers: Creator Linen 200 g

Inside 360 pages: Oikos Offset 90 g

Inside 24 pages: Glossy coated 135 g

Insert 8 pages: Oikos Offset 100 g



Stitched paperback



Gold stamping on the spine

8-page insert

Inserts, PANTONE inks, Paperback binding, Stamping, Tintes PANTONE