Jour Bleu – Éditions du Cercle d’Art

Editor: Les Éditions du Cercle d’Art, Paris

Project: Fold out book (Leporello) JOUR BLEU

Authors: Tahar Ben Jelloun – Thomas Dhellemmes

A brief overview

This has been a very unique project in which the creative, editorial and production part has had to work very well coordinated from the beginning. This book-object linked a friendship between the authors, with a common thread, the colour blue, through the different landscapes that the photographer Thomas Dhellemmes had captured in a lot of places through his travels around the world and the old friendship with the writer Tahar Ben Jelloun who writes a kind of poetic evocation under each image. It was intended that everything should have a continuity, like a chain evoking each moment, like a kind of old photographic development, hence the choice to make a long fold out, the pages of the book can be turned as in a traditional book, or if you prefer you can stretch it out in a kind of very long Leporello of up to 152 cm.


Printed with Heidelberg Speedmaster LED UV of 8 colors 75 X 106 CM.

Les Caméléons Paris with custom ICC profiles prepared in our workshop

144 en Leporello + guards + hardcover cover

20 x 25,5 cm.

4+0 LED UV

Arcoprint Milk 15 de 150g inside and guards
Guards: Sirio White 170g
Cover: Wibalin Natural Blue Imperial 579

Black and white stamping on the cover and back

Hardcover with 3 mm of Swiss binding. The pages with Leporello and accordion glued pieces. Flat back.

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