Ephemera – Swedish Book Art Award 2022

Ephemera – Swedish Book Art Award 2022

Author, editor, and photographer
Annika Thörn Legzdins

Editorial graphic design
Elin Mejergren

Jon Brunberg

Nexe Impressions

Svensk Bokkonst is an organization founded in 1933 that aims to stimulate and inspire the book industry to improve quality in production. Annually, it selects 25 books that it awards during the Swedish Book Art Awards celebration. These awards are significant in book production, as the criteria valued are based on the aesthetic and formal adaptation of content from a typographic and printing technique perspective.

At Nexe Impressions, we are pleased to have been chosen by Svensk Bokkonst, along with the author and designer, as the best art book of the year 2022 in Sweden.

Ephemera is a delicate photographic collection by Annika Thörn Legzdins on urban nature. It highlights the selected transparent paper, which interacts with the photographs as an interdependent ecology without a specific beginning or end. The book is designed by Elin Mejergren, who opts for a prosaic and robust cover, as if it were made for future archives. A sensory experience that surprises the reader.

From Jon Brunberg‘s text:

“The images depict urban vegetation: urban environments and growing communities in some of the world’s largest cities […]. These are places that create a sense of community, experiences, and other values for those who care for and visit them, even though they are presented here without people. We cannot ‘feel’ the noise of the surrounding environment. It is silenced. A reflective and thoughtful silence.”

The printing work in this project takes on a crucial role, especially in paper selection. The characteristics of the 112-gram Curious Translucent Clear paper complement the poetic discourse of the photo series, completing the book and making it an award-winning publication.



21 x 28 cm


88 pages


Book: Curious Translucent Clear 112 g by Arjowiggins Creative Papers
Brochure: Munken Print Cream 80 g by Arctic Paper
Labels: Offset Paper 80 g


Book: HP Indigo, 4+0 on A3 sheets
Brochure: 1+1 black
Labels: 1+0 black


Singer stitching binding


The set is collected in an envelope with a thread closure

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