Nexe Impressions

At Nexe Impressions we’re in love with the art of printing. Everything worth remembering, collecting or enjoying, either because of its uniqueness or its beauty, deserves to be printed; this is the philosophy that inspires us and guides us.


The world of bytes converted into printed material, to feel the touch of the various textures of paper or the smell of a new book, reclaiming the value of our profession in graphic communication, in art, in graphic design, in knowledge, and in everything that excites us.

CEO - Lluís Masdevall

Lluís Masdevall

CEO – Founder

Coordinació - Yolanda Alcón

Yolanda Alcon


Director Tècnic - Jordi Ribot

Jordi Ribot

Technical Manager

Online Manager - Pau Arbat

Pau Arbat

Online Manager

Comptabilitat - Maria Olivas

Maria Olivas


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