Loreak, a new style and concept

Loreak is a unisex fashion firm based in Irún, Euskadi (Basque Country). It creates its own collections of all kinds of fashion products and accessories targeting a young and uninhibited audience and has a network of stores in several cities in Spain and France, as well as a vibrant online store, thus becoming a benchmark in urban fashion. It is currently undergoing a phase of expansion.

Book: PICASSO, Toros y Toreros

With this project we took up a technological challenge. Our partners on our path to success were the Les Caméléons and Nexe-Agpograf photo-engraving and printing companies. When Bernard Champeau, project manager at Éditons du Cercle d’Art, showed us the project, we could never have imagined that the results would satisfy everyone so quickly. Our remit was to succeed in creating a faithful reproduction of Pablo Picasso's work "Toros”, based solely on a book printed in the 1960s and nothing else. What is more, after analysing this book, we found that some pages were Pantone quadrichrome + various, some were Pantone bichrome + background and others were Pantone trichrome. They were all in an unstable condition to print from one page to another and with no standardisation....